Fish Watch Orgs
Written by Judith Klinger

Fish Monger, Photo Credit: Judith Klinger
Photo Credit: Judith Klinger

It's a big world. As we were creating this issue, we realized we need more info from other parts of the world.There are numerous organizations that provide good intel in North America. But if you live in South America, Asia, Europe etc. it can be damn daunting to find out what's going on.

Are there sustainable fish sources, what fish are in crisis and what fish are OK to eat, who is working to make things better?

This is an open call. An open appeal.

If you know of an organization or person who is disrupting, protecting or innovating in the world of sustainable fish and clean water, we want to know about.

Email us at submissions [at] or leave us a comment.

Thanks...the more we work together...the more power we have!

Judith Klinger is a founder and dirrecto of