A Visit to Norway for Sterling White Halibut

Written by David Seigal

In the past year, Chef David Seigal of Cull & Pistol restaurant in New York City was invited to attend Sterling Academy in the fiords of Ryfylke in Rogaland County, Norway where they raise premium white halibut.

Sterling White Halibut
Dave Seigal, premium quality Sterling white halibut.

came away from the visit impressed by the dedication to sustainable and ethically raised white halibut. He has graciously shared his photos with World-Eats.

For more information visit: Sterling White Halibut.

-Chef David Seigal has been cooking professionally for over 14 years in fine dining restaurants in New York City and in Europe. He currently serves as Executive Chef of Cull & Pistol Oyster bar and The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market.

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